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P Elliot

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In our journey, leaders serve as the guiding force, propelling us towards new horizons and fearlessly confronting challenges. They set the tone by embracing an unwavering growth mindset, a management philosophy that places people at the forefront, and an unrelenting commitment to excellence. At HGS, the art of championing every moment flows seamlessly, driven by our collective brilliance. Our champions firmly endorse the belief that an organization dedicated to prioritizing people is firmly on the path to achieving unparalleled heights.

Our Employees Speak

People are the cornerstone of our success

Our people are the true catalysts behind our accomplishments. They are the cornerstone of our success, and their stories and experiences define our journey. Hear from our dedicated employees as they share their perspectives on what it means to be part of the HGS family and how it is a fun place to work.

TSS Customs and Export Agent.
At HGS, I constantly trained for every process. This has helped me to excel in my role
Knowledge Champion
I have been granted plenty of free training opportunities to expand my career skills
Customer Service Agent
I love the flexibility within HGS. It is so convenient to balance your work and life. I love meeting new colleagues and our interactions
Our Recruiters Speak

Championing professional & personal triumph

Our recruiters are more than just talent scouts; they are the architects of professional and personal triumph. They play a pivotal role in talent retention while building teams that excel and individuals who thrive. Listen to their insights and experiences as they discuss the fulfilling work of championing careers at HGS UK.

Bernadette King
Background Screening Team Manager
I'm a customer-focused individual aiming to provide the best service possible to applicants, stakeholders, and colleagues. I take a proactive approach to problem-solving and promote HGS as an employer of choice
Brittany Server
Talent Acquisition Partner
As one of the Talent Acquisition Officers at HGS UK, I'm dedicated to finding the perfect match for our diverse teams and enhancing our company culture and performance

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