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Welcome to the HGS Interview Hub! Here, we've curated comprehensive resources to empower you in every step of your interview journey with us. From crafting an impressive CV to mastering competency-based interviews and gaining insights into the HGS interview process, we've got you covered. Additionally, you'll find valuable background information about HGS to help you align your aspirations with our organization's mission and values and behaviours.

Your Journey Starts Here: 
HGS Assessments

Your journey with HGS begins the moment you submit your application. As you embark on this exciting path, we want to ensure that you are not just another applicant, but a potential member of our dynamic team. That is where our assessments come in - they are designed to give us insight into how you will thrive within our company culture.

Hiring Process for Agent Role

Step 1: Online Assessment

Once we’ve reviewed your application and it stands out, we’ll send you an email link to embark on your online assessment. This crucial first step is designed to gauge essential skills and determine how well you align with the demands of the role. Please use a PC to ensure a seamless experience.

The assessment includes:

  • Customer Service

    Assessing your ability to handle customer interactions effectively.

  • Basic Computer Literacy

    Testing your knowledge and efficiency with common software and internet navigation.

  • Contact Centre Call Simulation

    Simulating real-world scenarios you might face in a call centre environment.

  • Email Writing

    Evaluating your proficiency in crafting professional email communications.

Each section is timed, so make sure you are prepared to dive in. Once you start, you will need to complete the assessment without switching browsers, ensuring an accurate representation of your abilities.

Video Interview

After completing the online assessment, you'll proceed to the Video Interview, which replaces traditional phone screenings. Choose a quiet environment and ensure your device meets all technical specifications. During the interview, you will answer four questions, each allowing 2 minutes for response and a brief 10-second preparation period beforehand. Clear instructions and prompts will guide you smoothly through this process. The entire process, including both the online assessment and the video interview, is designed to be completed in approximately 20 to 45 minutes. This efficient timeline helps us swiftly assess key competencies while respecting your time.

Need Extra Support?

Regardless of what accommodation you might require, our team is on hand to help you! Reach out to if you require any accommodations to complete this task. We are committed to facilitating an accessible and inclusive process for all candidates.

Step 2: Review and Invitation

Once your online assessment and Video Interview have been completed, our recruitment team will be promptly notified and will review your application. Depending on your performance, you will either receive an invitation to a Final Stage Interview with a hiring manager or a confirmation that your application has not been successful.

Successful candidates will be contacted by phone to discuss our available roles, check your availability for upcoming interviews, and schedule your virtual interview. At this stage, if you require any reasonable accommodations to perform at your best, please ensure you inform your recruiter. Don’t worry, we will ensure you are fully informed about what to expect and how to prepare for the next steps in your application process.

Step 3: Final Stage Interview

The journey continues with a Final Stage Interview with a Hiring Manager from your business area. Conveniently conducted from the comfort of your home, this interview allows you to highlight your personality and skills.

Congratulations on reaching the interview stage with HGS! This is a pivotal moment in your journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way. A member of the team will ring you to fill you in on what to expect and how to shine during your interview process.

Our final stage interviews typically take place on MS Teams. While it is usually one interviewer, for non-agent roles, you might encounter an interview panel.

Post-Interview Feedback

Regardless of the outcome, one of our dedicated recruiters will reach out to you with valuable feedback. We believe in transparency and continuous improvement, ensuring that every candidate gain insights to enhance their future opportunities.

Interview Process for Non Agent Roles

For Non-Agent roles, the hiring process is located here as it is different for Agent roles(customer facing). At interview stage, you will be fully informed on what to expect when your Recruiter contacts you to schedule your virtual interview. If any assessments are required, you will be notified and given plenty of time to prepare. Your interview format will be behavioural/competency-based with an interview panel from the business are you applied with. Make sure you check out the “Ace your Final Stage Interview” section for helpful hints and tips to be successful. At this stage, if you require any reasonable accommodations to perform at your best, please ensure you inform your recruiter. Some roles require different assessments, displayed below.


Case Studies

Analyse real-world scenarios and provide strategic solutions.



Showcase your expertise on a given topic or present your approach to a specific challenge.


Various Activities

Engage in exercises that simulate tasks you would encounter in the role, demonstrating your capabilities.

What requirements will be needed before I get to start my new role?

Once we have contacted you by phone, confirmed you have been successful, and offered you the role, we will need to complete several checks. Don’t worry, you will receive an email each step of the way confirming what is required and where to contact for any support required. Each candidate will need to complete:

  • Right to Work

    Valid UK Passports or Home Office Share codes can be checked digitally with no need to post or show your documents in person. You will need a smartphone device with an NFC chip reader to be able to complete your digital checks successfully.

    Expired UK Passports or Birth Certificates must be checked in person or posted to our Preston office. Your recruiter will support you with what options are available. Remember, before you send your documents by post, ensure your recruiter has reviewed your documents and confirmed they will be accepted.

  • Background Checks

    All roles will require some level of Background Checks, References, and/or Credit checks.

  • Onboarding

    This important step ensure you have the correct access, equipment, Employment contract, and general HR Information.

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