Returning Employees

Reconnect with HGS: Your Career Journey Continues!

At HGS, you're forever a cherished member of our One HGS family. We understand that your career journey may have taken you on different paths, but at HGS, the door to reconnect is always open. Whether you're seeking information about your departure process, alumni-related support, or even considering rejoining our HGS family, we're here to assist you. Your connection with HGS continues long after your departure and we are excited to welcome you back into our fold, contributing to our commitment to talent retention.


Navigating Your Departure with Ease

At HGS, we cherish the relations we form, even with those who’ve moved on. In case you are at that crossroads, we're here to guide you through a seamless transition.

Full & Final Settlement Duration

Typically, the process for your Full & Final settlement will wrap up within 45-60 days from your departure date.

Service Certificate & Relieving Letter

Email us at for your service certificate and relieving letter. Additionally, a provisional certificate will be provided to you on your last day at HGS.

Settlement Account

Your Full & Final settlement sum is credited to your designated salary account once the stipulated waiting period is completed.

EPFO Account Update

Your exit date is ideally updated on the EPFO portal shortly after your exit from HGS. In case you have any inquiries or concerns about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Additional Exit-Related Support

If you need additional assistance or have queries regarding your PF, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at For any questions related to the Full & Final settlement and the associated documents, our team is readily available to provide support. Just send an email to We remain steadfast in ensuring a seamless transition throughout your journey.

Rejoining and Referring your Friends and Family

At HGS, we hold every member of our extended family in high regard, including our former team members. We believe that the most fitting individuals to carry forward our legacy are those who have already been a part of it. Here's how you can make a meaningful contribution:

Rejoin HGS
If you've successfully completed the 90-day cooling-off period after your departure and are considering reuniting with our HGS family, we are excited to welcome you back. Kindly send us an email at, providing your contact details and HGS employee ID. We'll ensure a smooth reconnection with the relevant team to facilitate your return. Your journey with HGS remains ongoing, and we are fully committed to supporting you at every juncture.
Refer Your Friends
You can introduce your friends and family to the enriching experience of being part of our exceptional workplace. Explore our current openings on Talent Trailblazer! Once employed with us, you can access Talent Trailblazer through our mobile app or your work device via One Login. Extend exciting opportunities to your friends and earn bonuses and points!
Take your career to the next level with Ascend
Explore new opportunities within our company through Ascend, our dedicated internal jobs board. We prioritise our internal candidates, ensuring you have the first opportunity to advance your career. Stay informed every step of the way as you navigate your internal application process. At HGS, we are committed to your professional development and encourage you to continually advance your career with us.

Comeback Stories

It has to be the people and I would say just the sheer desire that everyone has to positively impact everyone's lives at work, creating a really great experience where people feel connected, valued, cared for and they matter.


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