Stories @ HGS: Amoreane

Amoreane is a deputy team manager with HGS UK. She has been with us for more than a year now. She shares with us her experience at HGS.

HGS: How has your journey with HGS been so far?

Amoreane: It has been great. We extend customer service to our clients’ customers with empathy and compassion. Naturally, we treat our employees the same way. There is a lot we can learn from one another, and I see many of us here doing that continually. I’ve also learnt a lot about relationship-building in my time with HGS. Robust management and employee relationships can do wonders for our delivery, so I will be doing my best to continue building and strengthening those relationships.

HGS: What are some qualities you look for in your team members?

Amoreane: Considering our business, on top of my list would be empathy, honesty and strength. We work better as a team because we are transparent.

HGS: Tell us of a decision you have made as a leader at HGS.

Amoreane: I have learnt to prioritise my time in a way that puts my team’s needs before my own. In leadership positions, one needs patience and empathy towards team members, along with established communication channels. That is the way to create an open and approachable culture for all employees.

At HGS, we treat every employee like a customer, every client like a partner, and the consumer the way we want to be treated—with empathy and respect. Our way of doing our business begins with our people first. Join us.