Social Care - Conversation Tips for Acing Customer Service in the Digital Age

This is the social age, and today, social media customer care is an integral part of gaining, retaining, and growing customers. Brands now receive millions of interactions on social media every day. As such, customer service has also come to social media. The vast popularity and use of social media combined with an easy to use system, where a customer can simply log in to their social media page and text their grievances on the organization’s social media page. This negates the hassle of calling, waiting, and other things. Plus, with the introduction of chatbots and conversing online through various channels, social media is becoming the mainstream way for customers to reach out to brands.

The demand for individuals with the skillset to effectively handle social media interactions is ever increasing in the current scenario. So the question that is probably going through your mind right now is how do you become someone whose social care conversations can help ace them in customer servicing in the digital age.

How attentive and proactive are you

Social Care - Conversation Tips for Acing Customer Service in the Digital AgeSuppose you are a brand looking for someone to be their voice in social media. That individual will represent the brand not just to the customer alone but the entirety of social media. This is the main difference as compared to when you are interacting with customers on calls. Interaction on a call is a one on one private conversation, but in the case of social media, the conversation becomes one to a million. Adding to that, a call, while may be recorded, is not necessarily shared, but a social media conversation will be present online forever.

So how can you be more attentive and proactive? While in a call, you cannot see the customer as such listening is your greatest weapon. Here, in this case, you have the added advantage of going through the customer’s social profile and how the customer portrays themselves.

Showcasing the right emotions

The thing that makes social media such a powerful force is its ability to make information go viral. As such, every interaction with a consumer can spread like wildfire, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. If you are naturally able to empathize, then you are tailored to this bit. It will allow you to be more comfortable to handle consumers who are sharing their frustrations or negative feedback.

When you are interacting with a customer on social, where they expect you to respond instantly, the skills that will be most necessary for you are fast-thinking ability, social skills, and a natural ability to empathize. This will allow you to significantly decrease the chances of having a negative interaction go viral. Additionally, when a consumer is giving you positive feedback, it is essential that you, as an associate, be creative with your replies to delight the customer and enhance loyalty. This unexpected interaction technique is known as ‘joy shares.’ It will allow you as an associate to inject a little wit and humor to turn a neutral comment into a moment of delight for a consumer. An increase in joy share interaction improves brand loyalty, driving business impact, and even better return on investment.


How digitally equipped are you

Social Care - Conversation Tips for Acing Customer Service in the Digital AgeIn this day and age, knowledge about digital is something that you as a candidate must have. It’s not like you must have formal training or education, but your digital skills have to be reliable. For example, people who tend to spend more time interacting with various online communities or individuals with a particular affinity for in–trend culture, excel in the role of social media customer care associates. Why? Because they can relate to consumers on a personal level and succeed in delivering empathetic care and amplifying joy share. So you can realize that it’s not just about how much you are spending time online but how much you can grasp the nature of the online world.

The world of social media is much more diverse and ever-changing as such as a social care customer service; you would need to be familiar with this diversity. The tips mentioned here are to help you focus on the nature of social media conversation and other factors you should be looking out for as a professional in this field. However, it boils down to how much research you do to enhance yourself further.