Meet Virali Parikh-Senior Technical Lead – Analytics, Enterprise IT

Since February 2022, Virali has been part of the Enterprise IT team in Bengaluru, where she specializes in using the AWS cloud platform to build data pipelines for clients and gather insights that help them improve business decisions. We had a chat with her to understand her experiences over the past year. Read on.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on the AmplifAI project, where we are integrating various clients’ data in AWS and ensuring their up-to-date availability on the AmplifAI tool, used by our Ops team. I am responsible for code validation and migration. I also handle API Integration projects such as Paychex and Twilio systems, where we fetch data from client APIs and develop a pipeline to insert data into the Da Vinci data lake.

How do you maintain strong work relationships in a hybrid environment?

Most of our project planning and requirements/clarifications is done in the office, along with assisting our teammates when they need help. This allows us to focus on building our solutions when we work from home.

What do you like most about working in the HGS Digital team?

I like the culture of the team. You have the freedom to express your thoughts in front of your peers and higher management. The work-life balance is good, too.

What have been your top three learnings as part of the HGS Digital team?

Understanding AWS has been my greatest learning. Today I’m responsible for designing serverless architecture and building data pipelines. Secondly, I’ve done a couple of API integration projects, which was a new experience for me. Lastly, I’ve also learned to effectively communicate with stakeholders and higher management to better understand and meet their requirements.

What are some skills you would like to pick up in the next year or two?

I would like to take up Data Sciences and AI/ML. Both fields help organizations save time, effort, and money by helping them improve their data-based decision making and automating day-to-day tasks. I can certainly see a future here.

What is your pro tip for people just starting out?

Be bold enough to express your thoughts. Know that existing processes in an organization can be rethought. You can always provide fresh ideas or innovative solutions to long-standing challenges.

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