Stories @ HGS: Sujith Kumar

Sujith Kumar is an assistant manager with the technical support group at HGS India. He has been with us for over six years now. He shares his growth experience with the organization here.

HGS: How has the journey been?

Sujith: It’s been great! I joined the company at a time when processes were undergoing a major overhaul on the technological end. In these years, we have seen giant leaps in IT infrastructure like the centralized control of all technology in the company and the seamless integration of technology into various functions without any disruptions to the work flow. At one point, I was handling one of our sites all by myself. These experiences have had a big impact on my career and have shaped me into the professional I am today.

HGS: What motivates you at HGS?

Sujith: So many things! The flexible and stress-free work environment make it interesting to come in to work every day. My managers are great mentors—they inspire me to achieve greater heights. As a practice at HGS, we are encouraged to keep up with the latest technologies. HGS is not only a great workplace to grow, but also places value on work-life balance. I am very involved at work, thanks to all these factors.

HGS: What about your job do you like best?

Sujith: Being in tech support, an interesting aspect of the job is when I am called to resolve challenging and critical queries. There are also many opportunities to network, which I have learned is a necessary ingredient for success.

HGS: What are you popular for in the office?

Sujith: I am a big fan of cricket. I love playing and leading teams when we have inter-team matches in the office, so perhaps for my captaincy and coordinating skills.

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