3 Ways Empathy is Still Important in CX

By Subramanya C, Chief Technology Officer, Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS)

About the article

Being in the customer service industry, empathy is a key pillar of our way of life at HGS. This is simply because of how actively we are engaging in empathy as an organization⁠—among peers, between mentors and mentees, with our clients and of course, their customers. In this blog, our Chief Technology Officer, Subramanya C, shares why empathy remains relevant in CX and how it works to solve, enhance and measure. 

Today’s businesses know that customers are in control. So it helps to take a close look at those critical moments when customers experience issues with either brand or product. At these times, customer expectations are two-fold. First, they want you to understand their problem and solve it, and they also have a basic need for a brand to empathise with their situation. This means empathy all along their journey—from Engage, Buy, and Bill to Care, Warrant, and Retain. A recent McKinsey survey, for example, shows that customer satisfaction with health insurance is 73 percent more likely when journeys work well—beyond touchpoint success.

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