Meet Abdul Matheen - Senior Project Manager – Digital Intelligent Automation

Part of the Digital Intelligent Automation department in Bengaluru, Abdul is responsible for developing and maintaining a sustainable and scalable Robotic Process Automation program and roadmap. He also creates awareness about intelligent technology within HGS. Below, we speak to Abdul about his journey with the HGS Digital team.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on adding RPA capabilities to the HGS Agent X tool to ensure it runs faster and more smoothly. We are working on a support and maintenance project for a US-based retail bank. I’m also working on a bot development project for a call-center client.

How do you maintain strong work relationships in hybrid format?

I take the time to learn about my colleagues’ interests, hobbies, and families. It helps to be supportive and understanding as everyone faces challenges, personally and professionally. As a team, we also make it a point to take the time to recognize and celebrate our wins together.

What do you like most about working in the HGS Digital team?

I’m grateful to be surrounded by talented, dedicated, and supportive teammates from whom I have learned so much. The HGS Digital team has a positive and supportive culture. I feel valued and respected, and I am encouraged to be my authentic self. I’m also passionate about my work. Being part of a growing team gives me the opportunity to constantly expand my skillset.

What are your top three learnings from the time you’ve spent here?

I have picked up problem solving skills. IT systems are complex, and there are often unexpected challenges. Being able to identify and solve these quickly and efficiently is essential to succeed in the field. Working with expert leaders helped me learn more about management. I also learnt new technologies, such as hyper-automation and intelligent automation.

What skill would you like to pick up in the next year or two?

I’m good at data analytics and would like to equip myself with knowledge of new tools in the market. I want to upskill myself in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I’m also looking forward to improving my management and leadership skills.

What’s your pro tip for people who are starting out their careers?

Be proactive. Don't wait to be told what to do. Take the initiative and look for ways to contribute. Secondly, develop a positive attitude and be willing to learn. The digital industry is constantly changing, so it's important to constantly adapt. Lastly, get to know the people you work with. This will help you build relationships and learn about new opportunities.