Stories @ HGS: Pramod Rajashekar

Pramod Rajashekar is one of our team leaders in HGS-India. He has been with us for over nine years now. He shares his experience of working with HGS.

How has the journey been so far?

My experience at HGS has been excellent since the time I joined in 2009. It has transformed me from a college student to a career-oriented professional. Each passing day has provided plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. In the nine years I have been here, I have been associated with the Special Projects process. I started at HGS as an assistant claim processing executive. Once my performance was in sync with the process SLA, I got promoted to the role of claim processing executive and later, to the position of senior processing executive. A few months later, I was standing in as a backup team leader, handling a team of 25. Currently, I am a team leader of 20 associates. I have gotten the opportunity to learn on the go from my seniors in the process who have been at HGS for more than 15 years. In that sense, my learning curve has been steep.

What inspires you at work every day?

Everyone that I have worked with has inspired me in some way. From my previous team leaders, I have learnt to stay passionate about my work. From my managers, I have gained knowledge of crisis-handling better. I have also received the support and flexibility to host rewards and recognition ceremonies, and induction programs, and even, to handle the process inventory. I have also received guidance and support from other teams and departments. My goal is to be promoted to the assistant manager position, and I’m working towards that. At HGS, you are free to express whatever you are interested in, and you will receive a lot of encouragement and support to pursue the same. This is what I like the most about working here.

Tell us a little about your job.

Currently, my job involves people management and process orientation. My favourite parts of the role are managing my team, handling the inventory, initiating training sessions and hosting events within the organisation.

What is something that stands out for you at HGS?

At HGS, it is not just your work performance that is valued. Your other talents also get due recognition. HGS gives enormous exposure when people want to showcase their talents. If you perform even once, everyone will know about your talent purely by word-of-mouth. I am passionate about hosting events, and engaging audiences. Everyone has encouraged me to perform at almost every opportunity. I think all of these are superb feel-good factors to have at work. When it comes to working, higher management and other departments offer help and immediate resolution whenever required. So, we don’t hesitate to ask for help.