Staying Healthy in Customer Service

Among all our priorities in life, health is always something that we are guilty of pushing to the backseat. However, it is necessary to understand that without good health, none of our other priorities would matter. Without health, work, targets and other critical aspects of life cease to hold meaning. Today, with our busy lives and schedules, keeping good health requires us to invest time and energy on a regular basis. Here are a few small things that can take us closer to a healthier and productive lifestyle-

1. Mind your posture: For customer service representatives, desktops are the lifeline. Work starts and ends on the desk. Bad posture can lead to severe muscle and bone-related issues. Working with constant pain will also eat away our attention, presence of mind and overall productivity. Simple things like checking the height of the computer screen, the angle of your wrists while typing, sitting erect in your seat instead of slouching and other minor habits will go a long way in saving your back--literally.


Eat right

2. Set a sleeping schedule and stick with it: The customer representative job is unique in its fixed hours of work. This means arriving to work on time is critical for individual, team and organisational performance. Studies say people with regular sleep cycles are more punctual than others. Moreover, regulated sleep cycles will help one feel more rested and ready for the next day’s work. Timely sleep also has positive effects on brain functions and overall responsiveness—both vital qualities for customer service.


4. Use your breaks judiciously: Break-time in customer service are timed and pre-planned, to prevent adverse effects on the business. As long hours of sitting can affect our health, it is essential to include physical movement in our day, which is best fitted during break-time. So, even though you might want to put up your feet while you drink your coffee, choose to walk around, if even for ten minutes. It will go a long way to improve your health.

Take a few minutes in the beginning of your day for stretches


5. Take a few minutes in the beginning of your day for stretches: An hour at the gym is not always possible for all of us, but fifteen minutes in the morning is possible for all of us. Stretching before your morning drink helps to shake off sleepiness and give you the much-needed energy boost for the rest of the day. It also has long-term effects like injury prevention, improved blood circulation and overall relaxation. This form of physical exercise is just one more way to improve our manner of performance, not only at work but also in life.