Screening interview tips for Voice and non-voice customer care jobs

Companies use the screening interview to filter out unsuitable candidates for BPO jobs and prepare a short list of suitable candidates. It may be done in person or over the phone. A screening interview is a candidate’s first interview during their hiring process for BPO jobs. It is when the recruiter determines if the candidate matches qualifications and role expectations and if they should move on to the next phase. For the candidates, it is an opportunity to ask questions about the company and their roles.  

Voice Process Jobs

While applying for customer care executive jobs, there are usually four rounds. The first is a general written round, followed by a group discussion and personal interview with HR. During the rounds, you will be asked to talk about yourself or given a topic to speak for a specific amount of time. This is to test your confidence, speaking skills and communication ability. Remember to radiate confidence and be honest in your answers. Lying or exaggerating job backgrounds and past experiences will result in being rejected and not being called back another time.

We have listed some questions usually asked in screening interviews for customer care executive jobs:

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • Why should we hire you?

  • What compensation are you looking for?

  • Your biggest achievement so far?

  • What is a BPO?

  • Are you comfortable to work in shifts?

Voice and Accent Test

If you are applying for a voice process job, you will be tested on your voice and accent test to determine your language fluency and clear ability to communicate.  A list of handy tips to ace a voice and accent test:

1.      Practise your pronunciations

2.      Try and develop a neutral accent

3.      Speak confidently

4.      Move your mouth

5.      Slow down while speaking


Non Voice Customer Care Jobs

The process remains the same as voice process jobs, except here, there is no voice and accent test. Most non-voice customer care jobs provide customer support through emails, live chats, faxes, or messages, or fill out forms and documents for customers. Most times, these jobs have limited interaction with customers. During the screening process for these jobs, you will be tested strictly on your writing and typing skills. They will test your ability to understand the questions asked and communicate appropriately. You will also be tested on the language used in the country where the project is based. Candidates will be tested on data organisation and data processing skills. Non-voice customer care jobs may also include back office systems like human resource services, IT outsourcing, or accounts outsourcing for which candidates with specific qualifications will be shortlisted. 

We wish you the best!