Evolution of Jobs in the Current Scenario

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed things drastically and we have seen a forced change in the way industries are operating and delivering results. With the changed scenario and baseline, the parameters for companies looking for great candidates and vice versa has reformulated. Let's look at some of these points:

Evolving Job Roles: The focus on current job openings and expectations for freshers and laterals alike has moved from the traditional means of being at work as per assigned shifts to completing jobs and jobs tasks in a designated time without being required to be physically present there. This involves self-motivation especially given the work must be done in a virtual environment without too many usual follow ups.

The Right Skill Set: Communication is at the forefront of everything given how the world is operating virtually. As a team manager, it is expected that one has the right emotional quotient and optimistic attitude that continues to motivate their team. Ultimately, the right kind of digital skills are required to come to terms with the virtual work environment around us.

Adaptability:With uncertainty still lurking around on how the industry landscape is going to change and evolve, companies are looking for people who can adapt and thrive under any given changed scenario. What that essentially means that candidates should have a positive mindset with a go getter attitude as they continue to search for job openings for especially for freshers role and with the changed scenario around them, it is important they build in every skill possible to stay ahead of the competition.

Employee Engagement:With this never a seen mass work from home situation, it is of paramount importance that one always keeps the employee motivated. Constant two-way communication and engagement will go a long way in ensuring that an employee is at ease mentally and is able to replicate the same levels of productivity without feeling any added pressure. Work has intruded the private and family space for most people and while we focus on work to get the desired results, it is imperative that we empathize where necessary and help each other out in these different times. This will definitely result into new HR practices and reshape the way companies perceive and practice employee engagement.