Essential Skills to Win in a Customer Service Role

A customer service job in a contact center is many roles rolled into one – that of an advisor, a researcher, a communicator, a brand custodian, and a trouble-shooter. It is a rewarding career opportunity as you get a chance to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds, work with the latest technology tools, and represent well-known brands as their frontline executives. The job also offers several opportunities to help people who are seeking assistance, turning their queries into smiles. So what are some of the skills that will help you not just do well but excel in this role?

Be a good listener

Be a good listener As the old saying goes – ‘Every good conversation starts with good listening.’ When a conversation with a customer begins, one of the most important strategies would be to allow the customer to state the issue at hand, without any interruptions or presumptions. It creates a positive impression when customers know that you are genuinely paying attention to what they have to say. When you listen intently, you will be able to catch not only what they state but also what they mean or imply. This would help you strike a chord and resolve the query at a faster speed. Not only will listening well help resolve the current issue, but the conversation might also create contextual opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, a win-win situation.

Be Patient

Be Patient Sometimes issue resolution may involve completing multiple steps at your end as well as at the customer’s end. As a customer service executive, the systems and processes might be familiar to you, but the customer may not be as well versed with them. Be sure to guide them along, adjusting to their pace and level of familiarity. Additionally, a customer might expect a quick resolution, and the process might be lengthy. He/she might find it too tiresome. In such situations, practice empathy – put yourself in their shoes. By being patient, you can be more attuned to their frame of mind. Remember, patience and fortitude conquer all things.  Being patient will ensure that a positive vibe permeates through the entire conversation, ultimately driving customer satisfaction.

Be a Good Communicator

Be a Good Communicator Being a good communicator entails many things – while having a good command over the language helps certainly, your ability to communicate clearly, organizing your thoughts logically and succinctly, asking questions to clarify or confirm your understanding and setting the right expectations will ensure that you deliver a delightful experience. As you would agree, a good customer service experience is the foundation upon which long-term trust is built, and as a customer service executive, you have an opportunity to create that bond through every customer conversation.

By focusing on and sharpening these key skills, you can succeed in a customer service role from day one.

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