Who We Are

HGS is a global leader in business process management (BPM) and optimising customer experience. Having been in the business for more than four decades, our operations serve more than 900 of the world’s top brands in nine verticals spread across seven geographies.

Life At HGS


At HGS, every employee achieves professional triumph. We make this possible with our passion for developing our most significant investment: our people. Employees realise their full potential at HGS through a combination of training and education, sound employment policies, and giving back to the communities where we operate. We aim to make sure that our people have a life that is a lot easier than one can think possible.

Meet Our People

As organisation that has been growing continuously in the past two decades, we believe that growth is optimal only when it is holistic. The key to ensuring holistic growth is teamwork. With the power of collaboration, we have unlocked each of our full potentials and even found new strengths in the process. When you join us, you will be a part of an enriching and nurturing work environment, designed to bring out the best in you.

Kimberly's ReadyNow training experience at HGS Canada


Regional Training & Quality Manager , HGS Canada

HGS definitely shows that they want to invest in their staff. Take the ReadyNow program, for example. There has obviously been a lot of thought and expertise put into designing it. I didn’t just learn the “how to” of our processes. I also learned about perceptions, and how we can be a part of a team that is willing and able help each other grow.



Regional TQ Manager, HGS Canada

When I started with HGS, I started at an agent level, which provided me with insight and experience to assist me in obtaining new and higher positions within HGS. You learn so much in how to communicate with others, which seems simple but HGS provides you with tools to assist with personal growth. If you show interest and initiative you will succeed with HGS.


You can work with us right from the comfort of your home! Our people are our biggest investment, and they are the voice and heart of our business. As a W@H employee, you need not come in to the office to grow with HGS.

Read all about what our recruiters and trainers say about winning in your CX career, and get inspired by the career journeys of our people. If you are looking for the scoop about HGS as a workplace and the how-tos of starting your career with us, you’ve come to the right place.

Careers At HGS

At HGS, our sole focus is on the skills you will bring to our table and the ones you will learn with us. We are excited about what we can do here, together. Join us.

Learn from our recruiters on resume and interview tips to start your journey with us. Get a glimpse into the world of HGS - the hiring process, culture, growth opportunities and what’s it’s like to work with us.

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Get introduced to the contact center industry and learn from tips, guidance and success stories on how you can grow and chart a successful career for yourself.