Upskill to Excel in Your Career

Photo of image Upskill to Build a Rewarding Career Let me start by introducing you to Neil. He is a hardworking person, excelling in his customer service job in a large contact center. As a senior associate, he has gathered in-depth experience in customer conversations and has always taken keen interest to learn more about other functions such as training, quality management, and the entire contact center ecosystem. He is ambitious and wants to grow fast. He wants to acquire new skills to move to the managerial level. He has recently enrolled in an online course on building a career in a call center on Udemy. After finishing this module he plans to sign up for a basic course on digital marketing because he is quite excited about how the brand he represents in customer conversations has used different marketing programs to attract customers. He has signed up for soft skills training program at his workplace as he knows these skills are vital to be a good manager and for client interactions in senior roles.

Are you someone like Neil? If yes, let me congratulate you right away! Just like Neil, you have taken all the right steps to take charge of your career – you are working hard in your current position but also have set your eyes on future – by upskilling yourself through both formal and informal channels. Neil is investing in his career by taking advantage of all the upskilling resources at his disposal. He is self-motivated and has taken the responsibility to shape his own career.

So what is an upskilled employee, you ask? Well, upskilling occurs when an employee improves his or her skill set usually through training, which enables them to perform better in their current roles and to progress through various other job roles and opportunities within the same set-up or leverage opportunities in different organizations. Until a few years ago, the employers would push for employees to acquire new skills but nowadays the ownership lies with the employees, especially with competition steadily rising every day.

If you are weighing up the benefits of upskilling, here’s three very important reasons why you should consider upskilling seriously.

Better Employment Prospects and New Career Avenues

The competition to get better career opportunities is fierce. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have an extensive set of skills that will likely enable you to stand out and allow you to be recognized as a much more valuable resource compared to others. Additionally, it will give you scope for exploring more diverse roles and pursue areas that may not have been possible before.

Avoid Becoming Redundant

The fast-paced technological advancements mean that machines are replacing traditional jobs, and new types of jobs are emerging across industries. In this scenario, if your skills are outdated, then to a business seeking to be competitive in the marketplace, you become the perfect example of a liability. However, having acquired new skills will help you to stay relevant even as the job profiles undergo a complete shift. Upskilling will enable you to showcase your determination and willingness to change along with the world.

Upskill to Build a Rewarding Career

 Better Compensation

Having an up-to-date and diverse skillset gives you an edge in terms of demanding higher remuneration. The employers consider you as an important resource and would be willing to pay a premium in terms of compensation because they seek candidates who are skilled at leveraging the latest technologies, management principles and are self-driven. Similarly, diversity of skills means that you are a well-rounded professional and offers them the flexibility to leverage your expertise in multiple areas.


Upskilling is about learning continuously. Having a passion for learning is a key trait of successful people. This famous quote – “Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” – captures the philosophy of learning very well. Take charge of your learning today. Just like Neil, seek out every opportunity to upskill, and build a flourishing career.

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