HGS Recruiters Share How to Win at Interviews for Customer Service Jobs

Job interviews are one of the many subjective experiences in life. No two people can have the same interview experience since everyone's career journey, and background is different. As we grow in our careers, interviews vary in terms of how we experience them. Here are some pointers that our recruiters across the globe share with their candidates on a regular basis, for a positive interview experience:

  1. Our recruiters believe that the best job interviews are conversations. All you have to do is make sure you’re relaxed during the interview process. You can think of your interview like a chat with a friend of a friend. It will keep nervousness at bay, and you’ll be able to compose your thoughts when you’re talking about why you are interested in the role.
  2. Be genuinely interested in the position for which you are applying.

    Make sure you do your research on both the company and the role by going through the job description in detail. When recruiters are looking at candidates for customer service roles, they look for the ones who love to talk to people and enjoy the challenge of solving their problems. So when you talk to recruiters, bring up what you understand about the role and ask relevant questions. It will prove to recruiters that you are proactive and a planner.

  3. In an interview set-up

    first impressions are everything. Recruiters like to see ambition and drive in candidates. Our recruiters say the best candidates are those who love what they do and are geared to learn. This trait demonstrates that they can be a supervisor or a manager one day. One way to convince interviewers of your drive is to dress for the job you see yourself doing as you advance beyond your first role. Interviewers also want to know how committed you are to your work because companies will invest in cultivating your potential and your career path. Your stability with the company is one of the factors that can tip the final decision in your favor.

  4. Interviewers always make it a point to understand your capability to provide support and close the loop with a customer. They like to hear you give examples of how you have dealt with difficult situations before.

    Even if you are starting in your career, giving instances of your response in tough circumstances can provide recruiters with quite a bit of insight. Think about what is required on a call to make it a good experience for the customer. Since a large part of the job relies on emotional quotient and one’s temperament, you can floor recruiters with an answer that is unique to your personality. Not only will it show them that you are self-aware, but it will also indicate that your emotional intelligence (EQ) is high enough for the job.

  5. Believe in yourself with conviction,

    because that is one of the things that need to come from within you. You can’t convince anyone about your strengths at the workplace if you are not convinced about them yourself. Our recruiters believe that most of their successful candidates have been the ones who are confident and can highlight the best parts of themselves as relevant to the role interviews.

Our recruiters believe that most of their successful candidates have been the ones who can highlight the best parts of themselves.

We hope your next interview experience is a positive one! And if customer service is the industry of your interest, we may have openings for you. Connect with us.

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