HGS Canada Receives Great Place to Work® Certification

HGS Canada is proud to have received the prestigious Great Place to Work® certification. This certification recognizes companies that have established a positive and inclusive work culture and are committed to fostering employee growth and development. HGS Canada is one of the few companies in Canada to receive this certification. It is a testament to our commitment to creating an exceptional work environment for our employees.


What is a Great Place to Work® Certification?

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The Great Place to Work® certification recognizes companies that offer an outstanding work environment for their employees based on an anonymous survey conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute. The survey evaluates employee experience across various parameters, including credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. Companies that score high on the survey are recognized as a Great Place to Work®. According to the survey results, 65% of HGS Canada employees believe the company provides an excellent workplace for professional and personal growth.

What does it mean to be a Great Place to Work(R) certified company?

Any organization that fosters employee growth, promotes inclusivity and diversity, and is committed to offering a rewarding work experience is considered a great place to work. The certification is an important recognition that reflects the company's commitment to employees and its efforts to create a positive and inclusive work culture. As a result, it also helps companies attract and retain top talent.

Employee Survey Parameters for Certification

Great Place to Work® certified companies are evaluated based on survey parameters that gauge career growth, work-life balance, teamwork, and conflict resolution.


HGS Canada Blog-Great Place to Work-1-Credibility

This parameter assesses how transparent the organization is in its communication, how effective the leadership is in implementing the company's vision and values, and how well the leadership team understands employees' challenges.

At HGS Canada, we strive to maintain open communication channels and transparency in our decision-making processes. Our employees feel confident in management's ability to lead the organization and trust the direction in which we are heading.


HGS Canada Blog-Great Place to Work-2-Respect

The assessment focuses on the organization's commitment to diversity and inclusivity, the treatment of employees, and the handling of conflicts and grievances.

Respect is at the heart of our organizational culture. We value the unique contributions of each employee and celebrate diversity and inclusion. HGS Canada ensures that all employees are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their position or background.


HGS Canada Blog-Great Place to Work-3-Fairness

This attribute gauges the level of equity in the organization's treatment of employees. It evaluates the efficacy of the pay and benefits system, the implementation of the performance evaluation process, and the management of promotions and career development prospects.

Fairness is critical to maintaining a positive work environment. We strive to create a level playing field for all our employees, with equal opportunities to learn, grow and succeed. Our performance evaluation and rewards programs are transparent and based on merit.


HGS Canada Blog-Great Place to Work-4-Pride

This aspect focuses on how well the organization promotes its mission and values, recognizes employee achievements, and celebrates their successes.

At HGS Canada, we encourage employees to take pride in their work and our organization. We celebrate achievements, and our employees feel valued for their contributions.


HGS Canada Blog-Great Place to Work-5-Camaraderie

This parameter evaluates the organization's ability to cultivate collaboration, promote employee participation and engagement, and foster an enjoyable work atmosphere.

HGS Canada encourages teamwork and collaboration, and we organize various team-building activities, social events and other fun activities to foster a sense of camaraderie among our employees.

Why HGS Canada is a great place to work

Our top priority is providing our employees with an exceptional work experience. Here are some factors that have earned us this recognition.

● We are committed to creating a work environment that fosters teamwork and collaboration while valuing diversity and inclusivity.

● We offer a range of training and development programs that help our employees grow their skills and knowledge. Recognizing employee achievements and offering work-life balance options are critical to maintaining employee satisfaction.

● Our fun and engaging work environment reflects our belief that employee well-being and productivity are closely linked.


To summarize, HGS Canada's focus on fostering a positive and inclusive work environment, investing in employee development, and prioritizing work-life balance and recognition make it a deserving recipient of the Great Place to Work® certification. The company has also earned a reputation as one of Canada's top employers.


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