How Engaged & Inspired Employees Drive Customer Satisfaction

By Scott Yates, General Manager, HGS

About the article

Customer service, on the frontlines, is intensive work. Customer expections, like technology, are changing and evolving constantly, and this makes our role in care delivery as dynamic. Scott Yates, General Manager-Operations shares why and how it is deeply essential that we, as an employer, don't lose focus of engaging and inspiring our employees who are at the forefront of delivering results in this fast-paced environment. While Scott is sharing tips with our partners about engaging their people in this blog, all of what he mentions are deeply-ingrained practices on our production floors across our 70+ sites across the world.   

We’ve all heard by now about the customer service revolution. In my nearly 15 years on the front lines of CX delivery, I've seen the dramatic change in customer expectations firsthand.  As HGS General Manager, I’m leading the care delivery that is measured only by whether we exceed those expectations. And I can't emphasize enough the power of engaged, inspired employees providing the service. In fact, a 5% increase in employee engagement has been shown to lead to a 3% jump in revenue. Companies with happy employees also see 81% higher customer satisfaction. 

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