Why Customer Service Is A Great Start To Your Career

Customer service is one of those industries that do not lose their sheen, no matter what age or era. Until we have businesses offering products and services, we will have customer service. This ever-green sector provides not only diverse learnings but also plenty of opportunities to be the best version of oneself. As one of the few industries that explicitly seek a young workforce, customer service is a world of possibilities for the ones starting out in their careers. Here’s why:

1. Requirements are minimal: More often than not, customer service jobs are entry-level. Most likely, you will need to have basic communication skills, proper grammar, and a knack for listening and patience. Additionally, if you have a helpful and friendly demeanour, you will most likely get the job.

2. Consistent on-the-job training: The organisation will train you consistently to give your skills more shape and direction. At HGS, there is a constant emphasis on skill development. We enable our employees to hone existing skills and learn new ones on the job. Since customer service is an ever-evolving space, there is always something new to learn.

3. Great part-time opportunities: Roles in customer service are also available on a part-time basis, making them great work-cum-study jobs. So even if you are studying, you can still earn valuable professional experience.

4. Groomed for more than just one role: Customer service teaches you the skills to handle every other organisational function. Right from performing under high pressure to selling, marketing and changing minds and lives, customer service equips you for a wide variety of tasks. In fact, depending on the vertical you are serving, there is ample scope to gather technical knowledge as well. After all, as first points-of-contact, customer service agents are the subject-matter experts of any brand.

5. Opportunities to grow within: It is impossible to be static in a customer service job; so much so that the only way ahead is upward. All the skills you pick up as a customer service agent enable you to move up within your organisation eventually. At HGS, talent is abundant within our folds. Our system of internal job postings leads us to the right talent inside before we can look outside for a candidate. As a result, several of our employees are home-grown leaders.