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Meet Trainer: Arun Adhikary

In this series, our trainers share insights on how employees grow with HGS.

Tell us about your education & experience.

I am an Arts graduate, with an overall experience of 12 years in the customer service industry. Of the 12 years, I have been working in training for 10.5 years with giant players of telecom and non-telecom. I’ve been with HGS for the past five years now.

What is something about HGS that you highlight to trainees?

At HGS, we predominantly hire candidates who are new to the job market. So, ours is a young team that gets an opportunity to work with young management. The interactions are easy-going and friendly, in turn positively impacting mentoring, supervising and counselling. Moreover, the customer service sector is advantageous as it helps many individuals pace themselves in their career. Most of our employees have grown from the role they have joined into what they currently handle. I could also be an example—I joined as a Deputy Manager for one centre, and now, I’m managing training across India. So, learning is in abundance at HGS, transforming many novices into experienced professionals, and the experienced, experts.

HGS transforms novices into experienced professionals and the experienced, into experts.

How do you make learning easy for new hires?

At HGS, we believe there is no one set way to teach or learn. We try out several methods of delivery that help our trainees learn a product in the best possible way. As trainers, it is our responsibility to filter difficult aspects of any product and make them easy to learn.

What is the key to your success?

I believe in hard work. Work is Karma, and if we do it right, success should follow.

What would be your message to candidates in telecom customer service?

Focus on self-development every day with customer centricity and the right attitude.