Meet Darlene, Director-Coaching Effectiveness

At HGS, we believe strongly that the quality of team members is paramount to the quality product we deliver to our clients. We have a responsibility to provide a workplace where people with initiative and desire can grow professionally. The ReadyNow program has been designed and developed for this exact purpose. ReadyNow caters to employees at every level to assist them in their transition to higher responsibilities. 

Darlene shares insights on how we, at HGS, help our employees step up into leadership roles. 

Why ReadyNow?

Our organization promotes growth from within, and as such, our frontline leadership team comes from our agent population. These new leaders often come with little experience in fundamental leadership skills, and the transition can be challenging. Ready Now provides training and practice with those leadership skills that are so necessary for this fast-paced environment.

How does it help agents become leaders?

The Ready Now program provides foundational instruction and knowledge for a new leader in the call centre business. Skills that range from organization to coaching to conflict management are all explored, with ample opportunity to practice these skills through role-playing.

I am particularly fond of the coaching module. It closely mimics the coaching path and concepts that are taught in the LEAD program, such as the Emotional Bank account. Since we train batches of a specific size, it enables an intimate and safe learning environment for all participants and allows for a mix between new leaders and aspirational leaders. I highly recommend this program for new and up-and-coming leaders, to allow for a smooth transition from front line agent to front line supervisor.

At HGS, we create an intimate and safe learning environment for all our employees, to help them transition into front-line supervisors.

Only an open and safe environment can be conducive to learning and growing. At HGS, we have seen the positive impact of our empowering work environment on our employees. Join us to work in a supportive workplace.