A Little Help with Learning

By Fiona Costa, Assistant Manager-OD & PM, HGS India

When life brings you at a cross road, where do you look for a GPS?

HGS strongly believes in giving back and strengthening its most valued asset: its people.

We believe the best form of investment is in the self. To this end, we have laid out a team dedicated to learning and development namely, Organizational Development and Performance Management (OD & PM).

Living up to its name the team invests its time and effort solely to help—groom, develop, coach, mentor and traits—its people to build their career.

We understand the importance of career, growth and development of our members who are at different stages of life: graduates fresh out of college; experienced professionals looking to expand their portfolio; diversify or leverage their experience in management.

My own journey with this organization has been enriching, challenging and liberating at the same time. I joined the firm at a very defining stage of my career. As a young OD personnel, I wished to inspire people while investing on my own learning and growth. The projects taken up only challenged me to do better and gain prominence with both local and international clientele. The OD & PM department turned out to be a powerhouse which had something on offer for everyone, including its own team members.

With customised programs ranging from corporate basics, skill builders, personal development, technical expertise to the intricacies of quality, planning, leadership, strategic thinking, decision making and business focus, employees will be able to call the shots and carve out a path for their careers. This alliance equips us all to face any challenge that we may come across in our career, at any stage.

The growth, business acumen and professional success stories of 42,000+ employees worldwide is a testimony to the success of the OD & PM team and ultimately, HGS as an employer.

Whenever you find yourself at such significant crossroads, we hope you take the right decision. The OD & PM at HGS takes it up to help you in this journey. Join us.