Growth: The HGS Way of Life

At HGS, our culture predominantly revolves around growth. Not only are we growing as an organization, but each of us is improving as professionals and as people. To ensure that collective growth, we have realized that our focus cannot only be on the results our people deliver. Some key aspects that enable success for everyone include our:
•    Organizational development (OD) initiatives at various levels
•    Recognition programs that periodically acknowledge contributions
•    Flexibility for employees to find their areas of interest and career development

Our training initiatives focus on every level so that learning stays continuous internally. By cultivating brilliant minds within, we ensure that we are not leaving any of our people behind in our journey of growth. Many of our leaders globally are home-grown, having started their careers at the core of our business.

We have robust recognition programs in place, including our Long Service Awards, by which employees who have completed 10, 15, 20+ years are recognized for their contributions. The growth of such employees during their long tenures is phenomenal. Abhilash, who has been with us for over 11 years now, started as a customer relationship officer. Today, he heads operations at two of our sites in India. He says, “Our work culture, the opportunities offered to me, and the people I have worked with have had a huge impact on my growth. I started with minimal knowledge in communication and operations, and I’m proud of where I am now.”

One of the chief pillars of our culture is our belief that learning is a continuous process. The challenges we face daily ensure that we are continually learning in our roles. Rebecca has been with HGS Canada for over five years now, and she has taken part in many activities outside of her role as a customer service associate. She says, “I have done a lot of work involving training, and I have grown, as a result. I have learned how not only be more patient but also to adapt my teaching for the learner. It’s been exciting because you never know what can happen every day!” 

Kimberly is one of our team leaders at HGS USA, and she has been with us for nearly 21 years now. “I started as a CSR. Over the years, I have been a real-time assistant, a lead operator, and now, I’m a team leader. I remember having a phone sitting on my desk to speak with customers back then. Now, I handle social media. Much of what I have learned is also relevant in my personal life, so my experience with HGS isn’t isolated to work,” she says.

Gordon has been with HGS UK for more than six years now, managing various operations teams. He says his most significant growth area at HGS is helping his team members grow in alignment with their short, medium, and long-term goals. “I’m proud that many of the team members I have led over the years are now leaders in their own right,” he adds.

Many of our employees are engaged at work because of how we show them that they are valued. Roselle from the Philippines says, “I started out contributing to making our clients more competitive, but in more than eight years here, I have evolved as a competitive professional. While we are recognized within HGS, we also are recognized by the client for our efforts.” 

HGS also offers options for employees to grow into different functions that they may develop an interest for over time in their roles. “While I enjoyed my work as a brand advocate, I wanted work that challenged me. I joined the Engagement Team because I wanted to motivate my teammates to come to work and do their best in their roles,” says Daisy from Jamaica.

As an employer, our people are our priority, and we ensure this shows across all our sites worldwide. We offer our employees more than just a job, allowing them the room to find their passion and grow into their full potential.

Join us.