Essential Qualities You Must Have to Enable Career Growth

In this age of transformation, careers require consistent upskilling, as a foundation for professional growth. Aside from the technical expertise that is needed for specific roles, certain qualities remain constant to enable organic growth:

  1. Be open to improving. Static jobs are marginal today. In most roles, process and tech updates call for new learnings almost every day. Moreover, there is always scope for improvement in our methods of delivering our work. Being aware of how we function in the workplace can help us identify where we can improve. At HGS, we believe learning is a continuous process and our pace of work accounts for the time learning might take us.
  2. Be a team player. Organizational scale of work doesn’t always allow for people to work by themselves and deliver. Collaboration is the answer to success that can be sustained—both as a group and as individuals. When we can contribute as part of the team, we will be identified as an indispensable resource, and we can gain feedback that will aid growth. At HGS, teamwork is one of the pillars at the core of our culture, and our capacities for empathy sustain our ability to work as one global team.  
  3. Build on your ability to adapt. Workplaces today are far more dynamic than they ever were. With changes in work practices and tools, there is a constant need to keep up with current trends, so that our skills stay relevant. Humans, by nature, are far more adaptable than we might think. But keeping an eye on the latest updates in our functions can help us refine and hone our skills to adapt with changes sweeping most organizations. HGS has been a company that has been continually evolving. Our people understand how they can keep up with our fast-paced environment.    
  4. Ask for help. Growth is a collective effort, with positive consequences for everyone involved. In the process, however, we may identify certain aspects where we aren’t the strongest. It is essential to recognize that we may need to ask for help from others. Of course, this helps with networking. But beyond that, we also get the opportunity to find new perspectives that can shape our way of thinking and thereby, the way we work. At HGS, we have carefully cultivated a work environment that enables giving and asking for help as required by every individual.
  5. Challenge yourself. Many times, workplace opportunities that arise are not ideal. We tend to learn from how challenging they are. Since work challenges can help us hone our strengths, it is vital to take a proactive approach to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. While we can develop new skills by mastering challenges, we also become guides for  anyone else facing similar challenges. Taking up every opportunity for what we might learn from it is a way of life at HGS. 

In our growth as an organization, we have ensured to leave no one behind. And so, every HGS employee achieves professional success. Join our empowering workplace.