Learn how Amir enhanced his vision of learning at HGS

Amir is working as Quality Assurance Representative at HGS. He has been working with us for more than 3 years. Here, he shares his experience about analyzing and absorbing information in an organization.

“Be an information sponge. Absorb the knowledge soak in the insight!” This quote by author Jim Carroll summarizes the career approach of Amir- Quality Assurance Representative. With his experience, he analyzes the information and absorbs it like a sponge. Amir began his career at HGS in January 2019 as a Customer Service Representative. As the growth paved his way, he was promoted to work as a Lead Operator. Later, with constant efforts, he was promoted to his current position as a Quality Assurance Representative.

How does he enhance his skills?

By collecting information, Amir enhanced his skills and used his experience insights for better performance. Before joining HGS, he was in other sectors that helped him to develop skills in communication, organization, and customer service. With different titles and responsibilities, he learned that there are core skills and learnings from each that he can apply to future experiences.

Amir mentioned that through his various customer service roles, he has learned lessons on how to work with people and skills for handling challenging customers. In his initial days, he would speak on calls and then regret what he said because his comment led the conversation down a path where he did not want to go and delayed accomplishing his task. As a result, he developed the habit of thinking before he speaks and shaping his messages in advance to guide customers’ paths. Amir has also found that sometimes the teachable experiences can be indirect such as learning by reading other people’s stories.

What does his experience say?

Amir has learned to balance asking questions with taking a proactive approach. He recommends asking the questions initially, absorbing that information plus details from related conversations and situations, and then applying the learnings to future situations. Based on experience, he believes that seniors appreciate it when their people take the initiative and assume responsibility for their assigned regions.

Advice from Amir

Overall, Amir summarizes his approach to career growth by offering his co-workers the following advice: “Ask questions, sponge up the information, take in the answers, and then remember the learnings and try to use whatever you learned in other scenarios.” He added, “You are in good hands. You have the training team, lead operators, team leads, and plenty of other people who you can reach out to and figure out what you need. It’s ok to not know everything. Ask your questions and remember that you have people that will support you.”

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