Stories @ HGS: Stephanie

Stephanie is one of the operations team leaders with HGS USA. She has been with us for more than five years now. She shares her experience of growth and progression with the organization.

HGS: How has the journey been so far?
Stephanie: In one word, I’d say it’s been enriching. There have been plenty of lessons that have contributed to my becoming a better professional. I started my journey with HGS in 2014 as a customer service representative for our telecommunications program. Later, I transferred to a different account, where I began to learn more about the management role. That’s when I got the opportunity to become a lead operator for the team.

In my five years here, I have been able to pick up a wide range of skills--from technical aspects like quality assurance to aspects like leadership. Today, I’m proud to say I’m a well-rounded professional. I owe it to my then-operations manager for guiding me so well. Now, as a team leader, I continue to learn and progress with HGS every day.

I’m proud to say I’m a well-rounded professional today, and I owe it to my superiors for mentoring me.

HGS: What about HGS has made you stay?
Stephanie: It would be the amazing work environment here and the great leadership I have had. The atmosphere is very friendly, and when you show interest in learning more, everyone around encourages it. My experience with HGS has shaped my growth, not only in my career but also as an individual. I look forward to learning and growing further with the organization.

At HGS, we believe in our employees’ potential to learn. We have created an environment that facilitates continued learning and career progression for all our employees. When you join us, you will be in a workplace that nurtures your growth as a professional and as an individual.  

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