Stories @ HGS: Jennifer

Jennifer is one of our operations team leaders with HGS USA. She has been with us for more than six years now. She shares with us her HGS experience.

HGS: How has the journey been so far?

Jennifer: Fantastic! I started out as a technical support representative. Within my first year here, I got the opportunity to be floor support, temporary team leader and eventually, team leader. I have learned a lot about becoming a leader with the help of my mentors who are tenured members of the team in team leader and operations manager positions. I have gained confidence in my leadership skills by being able to support several different projects throughout the years and learning various aspects of the business at HGS. I have also been given the opportunity to be a trainer in a few departments, a field that was completely new to me. Because of the trust and opportunities HGS has provided me, I was also able to go to school for Business Administration.

There is so much more to learn. I look forward to continuing my career with HGS.

I have gained confidence in my skills from the various opportunities here to apply them.

HGS: What about HGS has made you stay?

Jennifer: I have met some of the best people here. They have helped me realize my strengths and pursue my goals unfettered. There is a great culture of guidance and mentorship in the company, which is really important for those starting out in their careers. The support from the management has been immense. These factors have helped me evolve as a better professional today.

At HGS, we believe the best way to realize potential is through opportunities that allow the use of individuals’ various strengths. Come, join our supportive and encouraging work culture.

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