My Tech Idol By Chris Rogers

This edition of My Tech Idol features Chris Rogers, Chief Revenue Officer, HGS Digital. Chris oversees and is accountable for driving revenue growth by leveraging and aligning all revenue-generating departments, including Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Customer Support and Finance. He has over 20 years of experience in the digital industry, having held several executive roles in sales management and operations management.  He previously held various executive positions for five years at Element Solutions, which was acquired by HGS in March 2018. Read as he talks about his tech idol below.

My Tech Idol is:

Dean Kamen

Dean Kamen is known for:

Being an inventor holding over 1,000 patents, including for the Segway, iBot, and the Slingshot.

My first memory of Dean Kamen:

Dean’s company, DEKA Research, held a technology fair in Manchester, NH. I lived there at the time, attended the fair, and got the pleasure of meeting Dean. The Segway was quite new then. I later attended a Christmas party at his house in Bedford, NH and was blown away that he designed an enclosed garage with a retractable roof for his helicopter and that he could start the helicopter with the roof closed! His design for wind patterns was incredible!

Three ways Dean Kamen has inspired me:

● His zeal for making the unknown known! I wonder how he sleeps because his mind is always inventing.

● His fearlessness. I think anyone who is very good at their craft is never afraid to fail before succeeding.  We can all be inspired from that and practice some of this fearlessness in our daily work.

● His belief in himself.  Dean truly believes he can change the world in a positive way all the time. It never waivers.

One question I would ask Dean Kamen at a dinner party and why:

‘What location or what activity produces your best ideas?’  I would ask him this so I could follow suit. 😊