Virtual Hiring @ HGS: Lovely

Lovely is one of our customer service representatives at HGS Philippines. She shares with us her experience of our virtual hiring process, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

HGS: Describe your experience of getting interviewed virtually.

Lovely: The experience was great because it was so different from the usual hiring process that most companies have. I had found a post about the opening on the HGS Philippines Facebook page. The recruiters were very prompt with their responses, which I found very helpful.

HGS: Can you think of a reason you may prefer this to meeting face-to-face?

Lovely: In this pandemic, it is a relief that the hiring process is virtual, as we don’t have to worry about infection. Of course, one exciting part about the face-to-face hiring process getting the feel of the office and meeting possible colleagues. That said, I was still able to get all details about the work environment and culture from my interviews.

HGS: What are you looking forward to the most in your HGS career?

Lovely: I have learnt that many people at HGS have long tenures. I am looking forward to having a similar experience with HGS.

At HGS, we believe in enabling an environment that allows our people to find their strengths and build new ones. Join us to be in a workplace that believes in your potential.