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Reconnect with HGS: Your Career Journey Continues!

You're forever a cherished member of our unified HGS community. Acknowledging the diverse paths your career may have traversed, we want you to realize that the door to reconnect is wide open. Whether you seek details about your departure process, assistance with alumni- related concerns, or contemplate a return to the organization, we're here to offer our support. Your tie with HGS transcends your departure, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming you back warmly. As we prioritize talent retention, your presence is valued and awaited.


Navigating Your Departure with Ease

At HGS, we value the bonds we forge, even with those who have moved on. If you find yourself at a crossroads, let us guide you through a seamless transition.

Full & Final Settlement Duration

Your Full and final settlement process typically wraps up within 45-60 days from your exit date.

Service Certificate & Relieving Letter

To request your service certificate and relieving letter, drop us an email at You'll also receive a provisional certificate on your last day with HGS.

Settlement Account

Your Full and final settlement amount will find its way into your designated salary account after the specified waiting period.

EPFO Account Update

Your exit date is usually promptly updated on the EPFO portal after leaving HGS. For any queries or concerns about this process, feel free to reach out to us at

Additional Exit-Related Support

For further assistance or queries regarding your PF, shoot us an email at Our team is readily available to provide support for any questions related to the Full & Final settlement and associated documents; simply send an email to

Alumni Referral and Rejoining

At HGS, every member of our extended family, including former teammates, holds a special place. We firmly believe, that "Those who have been part of our legacy are best suited to carry it forward." Your presence not only holds significance but also plays a pivotal role in our enduring commitment to making HGS a great place to work. Here's how you can make a meaningful contribution:

Refer a friend
Refer Your Friends
Introduce your friends or network to the enriching experience of being part of an exceptional workplace. Explore our current openings on the best customer service jobs and share these opportunities with friends seeking an extraordinary career move.
Rejoin HGS
Rejoin HGS
If you've completed the 90-day waiting period after your departure and are considering rejoining our HGS family, we are thrilled to welcome you back. Email us at with your HGS employee ID and contact details. We'll facilitate a smooth reconnection with the relevant team as you return. Your journey with HGS continues, and we are fully committed to supporting you at every step.

Comeback Stories

HGS can easily be described as my 2nd home – my work family. It is because of HGS's honorable and humble, great and supportive colleagues, and secure and safe workplace. So thankful for being accepted again last 2017”.

Robert Formeloza
Manager for HR process & Standards
John derrick Marfil
In 2020, I found myself drawn back to the company that had initially shaped my career.The positive work culture, innovative projects, and the strong sense of camaraderie among colleagues were irreplaceable factors that ultimately led to my decision to return. I

John derrick Marfil
Sr. Officer – Web Developer for HR

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