Take a look at how Katherin developed the skills to advance her career at HGS.

Katherin is working as Assistant Training Manager at HGS. She started her journey back in 2017 and here she is sharing her experience of how the ‘never give up’ approach has helped her learn and explore different opportunities at HGS.

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at!” This quote by Stephen Hawking summarizes how Katherin developed a never give up approach and picked up the right opportunities to become successful.

How did Katherin fulfill her career aspirations?

Kat joined HGS in 2017 as an agent. Before joining HGS, she had a retail training background and was working towards a bachelor’s degree in psychology. That background mixed with her consistent drive for improvement helped her to quickly advance at HGS.

Within months, Kat earned a promotion to a Lead Operator role. In early 2018, she joined the training department as a Designated Trainer. This meant that she taught new-hire classes as needed even though she remained an agent.

In March 2022, she was promoted to her current role as the Assistant Training Manager. Thanks to HGS’ work-at-home opportunities, Kat works from her home in El Paso, Texas, responsible for accounts that are assigned to the Peoria location.

What does learning mean to Katherin?

Early in her career, Kat developed a never give up approach. Specifically, she learned to walk away if she felt overwhelmed, returning to the project once her emotions had calmed down. This approach allowed her to manage her negative instincts and permitted her to view the project from a new perspective. According to Kat, learning not to give up is always the key. Sometimes that is really hard, but overall, it has been pivotal to her success.

Never give-up approach is the key to success

Overall, Kat’s advancement within HGS was assisted by her willingness to step up when great opportunities presented themselves and her eagerness to learn from a strong support system. Both of these steps helped her develop the skills that she needed and molded her into the person that she is today. Her never give up approach and consistent drive for improvement are two of the keys to her success. These are habits that we can all adopt; habits that can help us join the statistic that over 90% of our supervisors and management are hired from within.

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