Stories @ HGS: Kimberly Robinson

Kimberly Robinson is one of our team leaders in HGS USA. She has been with us for over 20 years now. This month is her anniversary here. She shares her experience in the time she’s been with us.

How has the journey been so far?

The organization is so much more different now than when I started! I started out as a CSR. Over the years, I have been a real-time assistant, a lead operator and now, I’m a team leader. I remember having a phone sitting on my desk to speak with customers. From big old-fashioned PCs to small flat screen monitors, the business has indeed grown over the years. I have grown too, from a teenager to an adult. Interacting with consumers has taught me to be clear, concise and courteous, and also, to resolve issues effectively. These skills have also helped me in my personal life.

Tell us a little about your job.

In my current role as a Social Media Team Leader, I approve posts before they are put up on social media. My team also escalates sensitive cases to our client. My other duties consist of doing the payroll, monitoring, connecting, documenting important information, coaching, corrective action, and merit reviews. I love coaching my agents and developing their skills. It’s a bittersweet moment to see one of your agents get promoted.

What inspires you at work every day?

Seeing my agents succeed and having great leaders motivates me. Right from the directors, ops managers, team leaders, and the HR team, you have leaders who care here.

What are you popular for at your office?

When anyone needs to know something about the HGS policies and procedures, they come to me. I’m also known for singing in the office, usually around 3:30 pm when it’s close to time for me to go home.

What would be your message to future employees?

HGS is like a family. We end up spending a lot of time with our colleagues because it’s such a friendly work environment. It’s also an organization with fantastic advancement opportunities.