My Mentor Blog: Tanvir

Tanvir is one of our Designate Human Resource Generalists at HGS Canada. He shares his experience of being mentored at HGS.

How would you describe the support/mentorship in HGS?

HGS encourages people's development and wellbeing. Mentorship is engraved in the culture of the company from top to bottom.

How has your mentor helped you shape and develop your career in HGS?

Bethany – She is extremely fair in her judgment. She helped me understand the need to be fair and equitable in our decision as HR people. Her actions, judgment, and carefulness helped me to understand the big picture of HR functions, services, and long-term benefits. I am grateful to her for her support, partnership, and the continuous push to improve my professional expertise.
Crystal – She coaches me like a friend in a professional manner. I have learned a lot from her starting from HR Policies, LR/ER issues, HRIS, and HR processes in detail. She is easy to reach, quick in her responses, and always directs me in the right direction. She provides constructive feedback for my development.
Virginia – She is very skilled and can be put on any role, and she will succeed. She is very attentive to details, which made me understand the importance of keeping records in excel/spreadsheet. She coached me on the entire process of onboarding, communication, and employee management. If you want to seek knowledge, she is the go-to person.

What have you learned from your mentor that inspires you?

All of my mentors are extremely talented and skilled. One of the things that inspired me the most is the support that I have received from them. Their support is immense and sky-high.

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