Learn how Hira infuses fun into her work, ensuring personal growth at HGS.

Hira has been working as Human Resources Generalist at HGS. She started her journey back in 2019, quickly building lasting professional relationships at HGS with her approach of infusing fun into her work.

"There is little success where there is little laughter! This quote by Andrew Carnegie, an Entrepreneur summarizes how Hira consistently found ways to add fun to her work and was able to enhance her growth and professional relationships at HGS.

How did Hira take a lively approach to her work for building professional relationships?

Hira excels at finding ways to remain interactive at her workplace. This trait showed the most during her months as an Ambassador. In this role, she was given creative freedom to decide how she wanted to interact with the new hires.

Every time she sent a message, she always included something humorous, compelling them to respond to her messages. The element of amusement drastically increased her return rate.

Hira’s approach also showed HGS as an employer who encourages its employees to have fun while working. Also, with her quirky comments, she developed professional relationships with the employees for which she was responsible. These bonds caused the employees to be comfortable sharing information with someone that they had never met.

Throughout her career journey at HGS, she has discovered the value of continuous learning.

Hira’s goal is to always learn as much as she possibly can. She continuously wants to do better. She strives to meet her goal through both formal training and on-the-job experiences.

She also believes that her professional experiences have transformed her, helping her from her personality and develop her leadership and management skills. With an attitude of always wanting to do her best, she will continue pushing herself to learn more.

Overall, her lively approach to work, quest to form strong professional relationships, and drive to never stop learning have taken her far in her career at HGS.