Learn how George developed the consistent approach & habit of self-development at HGS.

George has been working as Site Director at HGS. He started his journey back in 2016 and here he is sharing his approach towards self-development and how it has helped him in enhancing his skills and career advancement at HGS.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going!” This quote by Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur summarizes how George showcased his willingness of enhancing his skills and taking his focus one step further helped him to achieve his goals at HGS.

How did George climb up the ladder of success?

While many employees prioritize self-development, George, Site Director, HGS Canada, takes his focus one step further. He intentionally develops habits to stretch himself, enhance his skills, and foster self-development.

George joined HGS in 2016 as an agent. After serving as an agent for a little over a year, George transitioned into a Team Leader role. About a year and a half later, George became an Operations Manager where his main role was to support 6-9 Team Leaders and their agents, aiding their development while also learning the business and helping the company financially grow.

What does career transition mean for George?

After a couple of years, he transitioned to a Site Director role, where he continues to support employee growth. In reflecting upon his career at HGS, George said, “If you were to ask me what my favorite thing about this job is, it is how much I've grown.

From agent to site director, that all came from self-development; being developed by my leaders and developing myself. There's a lot of room at HGS to learn about yourself and your career. Keep all doors open and try to take on more things, because that's how you learn by experience.”

As his reflection shows, George experienced substantial career advancement because of his personal growth. His self-development came primarily from the habits that he formed. Developing this habit provided George with opportunities to learn tasks that he normally would not have been exposed to as an Operations Manager.

George developed the habit of using questions to learn more, both for himself and his team. If there was something that George did not know, understand, or needed to be confirmed, he simply asked questions.

He did not limit his questions to topics related to his projects as he also asked questions to better understand the business. Plus, as he wants to motivate his colleagues to think for themselves, he asks questions to guide teams’ thought processes instead of telling them how to do certain tasks.

How did George develop the habit of being present at work?

George developed the habit of being present at work every day and giving his work 100% of his focus. He recognized that in addition to providing opportunities for self-development, being present and focused enabled him to keep pace with the rapidly changing business priorities. He believes that if someone is not at work, they will miss out on the changes and be left behind.

George advice to his colleagues

There are a lot of opportunities within HGS. You just have to be willing to go for them, it might not be the same path that I took but as long as you're here, you're present, and you're willing, you will get something.” Now, the question is what habits are you going to develop to foster your own self-development, so you can capture some of those opportunities?