Learn how Dallas took the initiative to make opportunities happen for his outstanding career growth.

Dallas joined HGS in November of 2018, starting his remarkable journey of growth and enhancement. Through the years, he has progressed tremendously and is now guiding others to do the same

Family, the word that Dallas - Team Leader, uses to describe his co-workers at HGS. He says everybody feels like family. If one person is having a rough time, everybody's concerned and does what they can to make life easier and better. This family-like environment has given Dallas the comfort and security that he needed to grow as a leader and advance in his career.

Dallas joined HGS in November 2018 as a Chat Representative. About a year later, he transitioned to being a backup Lead Operator. In this role, when the Lead Operator was off, Dallas assisted agents with questions and handled escalated calls in addition to being responsible for maintaining service levels and resolving staffing issues. From there, he was promoted to a Designate Team Leader and within two weeks became the Team Leader. This role allows him to coach and develop team members while ensuring they remain on track for meeting their goals.

One of the contributors to Dallas’ quick advancement was advice that he received years ago. He was told to take initiative and not to wait for people to contact him. He has discovered that if there is something that he wants to learn, he needs to reach out to the proper resources and make the opportunities happen. He realizes the importance of grabbing ahold of what he wants. Now, he advises others to not be afraid to use an open door and start communication.

In addition, Dallas credits HGS as one of the critical aspects of his career growth. For example, Dallas has learned to include even small things on his calendar to make sure that he gets them completed. Between the calendar reminders and sticky notes, he remembers what needs to be done. The organization also enhances Dallas’ time management, which is key for him to accomplish all of his tasks. In addition, he has developed a routine that he tries to follow every day to ensure the tasks get completed in a timely manner. For example, each day he starts by reviewing payroll, moves on to checking in with his agents, and then runs some reports. This structure ensures the tasks get completed, and in the back of his mind, he always knows what he needs to do next.

Plus, he uses short-term and long-term goals to help him accomplish tasks.