Stories @ HGS: Julius Ungab

Julius Ungab is one of our customer service representatives at HGS Philippines. He shares with us his inspiring experience with HGS:

I found a job with HGS at a time when I had faced multiple rejections from numerous BPO companies. I had applied on a job posting on the HGSjobs Facebook page. A few hours later, I received a phone call from one of the recruiters, enquiring when we could have a conversation. I was out at the time, so I hurried back home to review my notes before the call. The next thing I knew, I had made it to the final interview! 

On the day that I came into the office to give my last assessments, I got my offer letter as well. It felt surreal. I found my early days rather thrilling. I got to meet so many different kinds of people, and hear all about their professional experiences. The training period was made very supportive and encouraging because of the trainers. Just as we were graduating, our trainer informed us that some of us would be moving to another account, which meant one more assessment. The day I was due for my final interview, I also got news that my wife was in the hospital for delivery. Choosing between seeing our baby daughter for the first time and a better future for our family was the toughest decision to make, and I felt so torn. I showed up in time for the interview. By the time it was my turn, it was almost midnight. Even though I was hungry and tired, I prayed and thought of my daughter. The team leaders on my panel were friendly and put me at ease. When I told them my daughter was being delivered, they were amazed that I was there at the interview and not at the hospital. As it turned out, I got selected!

In the two and a half years I have spent with HGS, I have learned from my mistakes. Since training was during the graveyard shift, I had to make a few small lifestyle changes. I made sure I was active in all the additional activities on the floor. All my efforts manifested as recognition, soon enough. I was recognized as the Best Representative for IVR (voice), even though I was assigned to written correspondence (non-voice). I have learned to work proactively from my seniors, managers, and trainers, who all have been very kind and encouraging. 

All the people at HGS, no matter what level, are approachable and friendly. I always refer applicants to HGS because I have seen first-hand how the company cares about its employees and gives them limitless opportunities to prove themselves. I tell my referrals that at HGS, they only need to bring their determination, commitment, and passion for their work. I was recognized as the best referrer for the year 2017. 

From my experience at HGS, only your determination, commitment, and passion for your work matters.

Another favorite thing about HGS is the Work-Life Balance activities—there is so much of these happening in the organization. Aside from these, we also do a lot of community work, where we get to help the ones in need. I see examples every day here that every act counts toward changing the world. 

I’ve learned to cherish and give importance to what I have now. I will continue to help people get jobs with HGS. This way someday, their little story will soon be a big one in this great organization.