10 Top Reasons You Should Work in Customer Service

Customer service is the process by which a company interacts with its customers, either directly or indirectly. A good customer service program aims to satisfy customers' needs while building loyalty and profitability for the organization. It can make or break a company and its reputation in the eyes of consumers. It can be especially true for small businesses, which often depend on word-of-mouth advertising.


A customer service role is about more than just answering phones or chatting with people. But in fact, your customer service extends far beyond that. It includes:


 ● Responding quickly to complaints and questions

 ● Handling returns and exchanges efficiently

 ● Going out of your way to meet special requests from customers

 ● Providing clear information about products and services

 ● Helping customers understand their options when they're confused or frustrated

The importance of customer service cannot be overstated. It's the backbone of any business, and a company that doesn't prioritize this area is doomed to fail.


It brings us to the question, "why do you want to work in customer service?" Customer service is one of those industries that keep their sheen, no matter what age or era. Until businesses offer products and services, we will have customer service jobs. This ever-green sector provides diverse learnings and plenty of opportunities to be the best version of oneself. As one of the few industries explicitly seeking a young workforce, customer service is a world of possibilities for those starting their careers.


What are the Reasons to Work in Customer Support?

Customer support is the gateway between your company and its clients. When listening to queries and complaints, your job is to ensure every customer feels respected, supported, and delighted before, during, and after every interaction. A career in customer service has all the challenges anyone could wish for: solving complex issues, delivering creative solutions, working with teams in different time zones, and more. But at the same time, it is a great kickstart to your career. Here's why:


Develop Your Emotional Intelligence:

Philippines HGS-Why Customer Service Is A Great Start To Your Career-1-Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

The most important thing about customer service jobs is that it's not a one-way street. It isn't enough to listen to the customer and solve their problem. You need to be able to empathize with them and make sure they feel heard and understood by resolving their issue as quickly as possible. It requires emotional intelligence (EQ), which helps you to manage your feelings and those around you.  

By working in this field, you will have plenty of opportunities to develop your EQ by interacting with people from all types of backgrounds who are experiencing various kinds of emotions!


Requirements are Minimal:

Philippines HGS-Why Customer Service Is A Great Start To Your Career-2-Requirements are Minimal

More often than not, customer service jobs are entry-level. You will need basic communication skills, proper grammar, and a knack for listening and patience. Additionally, you will get the job if you are a people person.

A customer service role requires no specific educational requirements or certifications before starting a career. You'll learn everything on the job, which means that if you're willing to work hard and put in the work, you'll be able to move up quickly. However, there may be some recommendations for specific positions or companies.

Groomed for More Than Just One Role:

Philippines HGS-Why Customer Service Is A Great Start To Your Career-3-Groomed for More Than Just One Role

Customer service teaches you the skills to handle every other organizational function. From performing under high pressure to selling, marketing, and changing minds and lives, customer service equips you with a wide variety of tasks. In fact, depending on the vertical you are serving, there is ample scope to gather technical knowledge as well. After all, as the first points of contact, customer service agents are the subject-matter experts of any brand.  

Improve Problem-Solving Abilities:

Philippines HGS-Why Customer Service Is A Great Start To Your Career-4-Improve Problem-Solving Abilities

Customer support is all about problem-solving. It will teach you how to face workplace adversities and deliver out-of-the-box solutions on the fly. You'll get to see every side of the business. A customer-facing job will expose you to different parts of the organization, including marketing, sales, and engineering. You'll have a chance to work with people from all over the company, which can help build your network and improve your problem-solving skills.  

Master Different Communication Mediums:

Philippines HGS-Why Customer Service Is A Great Start To Your Career-5-Master Different Communication Mediums

As a customer service representative, you must think on your feet and act quickly when necessary. This will require you to toggle between multiple communication mediums to cater to your customers swiftly and efficiently.  

To serve this purpose, you will be cross-trained in helping customers via email, chat, phone, and social media. You'll get an expert-level understanding of how each medium works and how to use each communication medium effectively in different situations.


Be a Better Listener:

Philippines HGS-Why Customer Service Is A Great Start To Your Career-6-Be a Better Listener

Learning how to interact with customers in a positive, helpful way is an essential skill that you will master in a customer-facing role. At first, it might seem like a customer service job is just about dealing with angry customers, but it's more than that!  

Listening and responding appropriately will help you build strong relationships with friends, family members, and coworkers. You'll also find that it enables you to communicate better when dealing with clients or customers at work or in other areas of life.


Collaboration Opportunities with Different Teams:

Philippines HGS-Why Customer Service Is A Great Start To Your Career-7-Collaboration Opportunities with Different Teams

Working in a customer service team means having several different departments represented by various people. This means that there will be plenty of opportunities for collaboration between teams, which makes it easier for employees to bounce ideas off one another, helping them to improve their ideas or see new ways of doing things.  

This is a great way to learn about other areas of the business, which can help you advance your career later on.

Great Part-Time Opportunities:

Philippines HGS-Why Customer Service Is A Great Start To Your Career-8-Great Part-Time Opportunities

Roles in customer service are also available on a part-time basis, making them great work-cum-study jobs. So even if you are studying, you can still earn valuable professional experience.

Consistent On-the-Job Training:

Philippines HGS-Why Customer Service Is A Great Start To Your Career-9-Consistent On-the-Job Training

The organization will train you consistently to give your skills more shape and direction. At HGS, there is a constant emphasis on skill development. We enable our employees to hone existing skills and learn new ones on the job. Since customer service is an ever-evolving space, there is always something new to learn.


Opportunities to Grow Within:

Philippines HGS-Why Customer Service Is A Great Start To Your Career-10-Opportunities to Grow Within

It is impossible to be static in a customer service job, so much so that the only way ahead is upward. All the skills you pick up as a customer service agent enable you to move up within your organization eventually. At HGS, talent is abundant within our folds. Our system of internal job postings leads us to the right talent inside before we can look outside for a candidate. As a result, several of our employees are home-grown leaders


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Parting Note

The reasons for working in customer support can vary widely from person to person. For some, it's a stepping stone to a different job or career path, while others learn valuable new skills or take the first steps toward entrepreneurship. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider entering the field.