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Jamaica Attracts Diverse Jobs in the Outsourcing Sector

Think of the Caribbean and usually the word conjures up image of picturesque tropical islands with its pristine beaches and calm sailing waters. But in the last decade, Jamaica has seen a quiet technological revolution.  

Jamaica is emerging as a global hub for the Business Process Outsourcing industry. The island’s fast-expanding profile as a BPO-friendly nation has seen the mushrooming of BPO jobs in Jamaica. The industry is one of the country’s largest employers.  

This is great news for the country’s youth as the industry is offering a bouquet of jobs in IT-enabled services, online digital services, and call centre services.  

Lured by its location and its high-quality talent, Jamaica has become an attractive destination for foreign institutions. The government has introduced programs that focus on developing various skills required for BPO jobs. These programs include language and communication skills, technical training, and customer service certification courses.  

Right now, there are more than 50 firms working in the country, most of them located in Kingston, Montego Bay, Portmore, and Mandeville. HGS, a global leader in business process management, established its first office in Kingston in 2012. Since then, HGS has opened three more centres offering a range of and contributed to BPO jobs in Kingston.  

HGS recruits permanent, full-time directors, managers, team leaders, customer care associates, and data management analysts for its centers. These positions are ideal for applicants who enjoy problem solving and helping people within a supportive learning environment. Applicants interested in a career with HGS can apply online at or through HGS specific social portals.  

According to the Jamaican government, there was an increase of 15% with BPO firms employing around 44,000 people as of June 2021. This is expected to further increase to 50,000 BPO jobs in the next few months. At a time when the nation’s largest industry – tourism – has been severely hit by the pandemic, Jamaica BPO jobs brought a total of US$780 million to the economy.  

The BPO sector has become a much-needed source of jobs and revenue, stabilizing the country’s GDP. It is expected that in the coming months, the sector will see foreign companies carrying out contracts that could create an additional 7,000 jobs. An estimated nine new sites are expected to open soon across the country.  

Due to the pandemic and other factors, Kingston is looking to attract foreign BPO firms leaving Asian countries like the Philippines and India.