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Data Analyst

Job Code : HGS/924

Job Description

This role is primarily engaged with analyzing and completing client data requests. Requests will require the analyst understand business process rules (Regulatory and Internal) to generate output reports or files for the client.

1. Consult with internal and external clients to gather requirements and propose data solutions. 
2. Analyze, design, and develop enterprise-wide database solutions that meet the customer’s requirements. 
3. Analyze, monitor and maintain current database, and provide information for enhancements and future growth. 
4. Coordinate necessary resources to provide implementation and support of Application/Data related projects to meet the needs of internal and external clients. 
5. Prepare and maintain documentation of procedures and records of work performed within the reporting and documentation standards established by HGS in order to facilitate enhancement, change, or troubleshooting of the work. 
6. Communicate status to organizational managers and project leaders. 
7. Adhere to negotiated due dates and acceptable budgeted hours of project assignments for completion as expected by internal and external clients. 
8. Provide reports as needed/ data analysis as needed. 

MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS: (Education, Experience, Skills) 
 Two years’ experience designing and maintaining databases comparable to those used at HGS. 
 Strong skills with data transformation, Ad Hoc requests and historical data loading. 
 Proficiency with use of personal computer and office automation tools, especially Windows and MS Office. Basic PC/Server knowledge. 
 Good written communication skills and strong verbal communication skills, particularly with end-users who have varying degrees of computer knowledge 
 Strong analytical and problem solving skills 
 Self-starter with a positive attitude. Willing to ask questions and actively seek out answers. 
 Ability to work closely with others as a solid team player 
 Ability to handle stress and manage multiple projects in a fast-paced environment
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