Virtual Hiring @ HGS: Carolyn

Carolyn is one of our Work@Home designate recruiters at HGS Canada. She shares with us her experience of our virtual hiring process, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

HGS: Describe your experience of getting interviewed virtually.

Carolyn: I found the virtual interview less stressful, as I was at home in my comfort zone. My interviewer was fantastic, and our conversation really helped me understand the nature of the work environment at HGS. Right from the pre-screening to the interview to the HR crew, everyone was super friendly. Overall, the process of joining HGS has been amazing!

HGS: Can you think of a reason you may prefer this to meeting face-to-face?

Carolyn: I have anxiety and giving my interview from home made all the difference in the world. I have worked in a brick and mortar set-up before, and that was a hard experience for me. My interviewer was most understanding about my capabilities, which helped make me feel confident about how I would do the job. I think it’s great that HGS encourages you to push beyond your barriers and work towards your goals. My colleagues have also been very friendly and helpful – it helps that we can stay in touch with everyone over chat rooms.

HGS: Would you recommend working from home?

Carolyn: Absolutely! Now my three dogs and three cats would not recommend it as I practice my interview questions with them. Since I started working from home, I have become a master with slow cookers, whipping together tea biscuits on lunch break. It is a win-win if you can learn to manage your time wisely. The shift bid makes your life so much easier, especially with scheduling things outside of work.

At HGS, we believe in the capability and potential of every individual to play to their strengths and build new ones. Join us to work in an environment that supports you and encourages your growth.