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Stories @ HGS: Safiya

Safiya is a brand advocate with HGS Jamaica. She shares with us her HGS growth story.

HGS: How has the journey been so far?

Safiya: It has been amazing. HGS is an accepting environment that encourages uniqueness. We are free to be who we are at work and that’s empowering.

HGS: What is a big lesson here that has helped you as a professional and an individual?

Safiya: One big lesson that I have learnt here is the importance of empathy. Going about my daily life and interacting with different kinds of people has taught me to engage in a way that is respectful and can also get the job done.

HGS: What stands out for you at HGS?

Safiya: The office is a judgement-free zone and that helps us all learn a lot from one another. One of the things about HGS that has helped me grow is the opportunity to interact with a diverse set of people.

One of the things about HGS that has helped me grow is the opportunity to interact with a diverse set of people.

HGS: How do you perceive the impact of your work?

Safiya: I try to stand out as a customer service provider, which I have learnt is so important. I want to show people daily that there are customer service providers that are trustworthy, dependable and caring. 

It’s a nice thing that we can also create a positive impact on people through the volunteering activities. I volunteered at the Women’s Center recently, an activity I thoroughly enjoyed. The girls were very welcoming and receptive to our advice for their future. Going there has made me appreciate what I have and inspires me to work harder so I can assist people who need help. 

At HGS, being in the business of people gives us the advantage of improving lives. We ensure to contribute to the communities around our locations as much as we support our clients’ customers. Join us.