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Stories @ HGS: Giselle

Giselle is a quality analyst with HGS Philippines. She has been with us for over a decade now. She shares with us her HGS growth story.

HGS: How has the journey with so far?

Giselle: The first job is no doubt a defining influence in every professional’s life. You get to learn new things—living on your own, paying rent, learning to manage your finances etc. I graduated college in 2009 and joined HGS soon after. I was only 21 years old when I started working.

I worked as a customer service representative for 6 years, and I got to handle different kinds of calls across various processes. It was a rewarding experience indeed. I was able to give my best and I’ve been recognized as a consistent top performing associate. My previous supervisors have been great. They have helped me improve and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their guidance. In 2013, I transitioned again to a new line of business, where I learned many new skills. With my team leader’s encouragement, I became the go-to person and buddy for new employees and co-associates. Two years later, I got promoted to quality analyst because of my exceptional knowledge of the process. Quality analysts ensure agents on the front lines maintain the quality of service for our customers. We track all correspondence, coach new joiners, and coordinate calibration sessions and more.

My job is never boring. It has made me flexible and adaptable to change. I’ve also gained a lot of confidence in myself. I’m quite proud of how much I’ve grown both as a professional and as an individual, in these 10 years. 

HGS: What about HGS has made you stay?

Giselle: There’s a lovely vibe in the office, which makes us feel cared for and like we belong here. The people are some of the best I’ve met. It feels like working with your family! The management is also very supportive and nurturing. All my bosses over the decade have been amazing and I have had immense takeaways from them over the years.

There’s a lovely vibe in the office, which makes us feel cared for and like we belong here.

At HGS, we work as one big global family, and this aspect of our culture is reflected in each of our 70+ delivery centers globally. Join us to work in an encouraging and supportive work environment.