COVID-19 Statement - HGS is working to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees in the communities we operate. We understand that this is a rapidly changing situation, and are continually working with the local Government along with our agents to help keep them employed by moving our employees to a work@home environment to support our essential service business clients. For those who are not able to work from home, adhering to the social distance directives within our site.

Note:- All new hiring will take place virtually, and our advertised positions will be for work@home for the foreseeable future


Stories @ HGS: Audicia

Audicia is one of our brand advocates in HGS Jamaica. She shares with us her HGS growth story.

HGS: How has the journey been so far?

Audicia: It's been great! HGS encourages growth; the company consists of individuals that inspire and empower each other. What I love the most, though, is that you can be who you are here. It is such a warm, appreciative, and supportive work environment.

HGS: What motivates you at work?

Audicia: Everyone is caring and easy to work with, and we can interact with everyone, whether or not we are at the same level. One of the greatest lessons I have learnt from my time at HGS is compassion. When a variety of personalities surround you, you learn to be empathetic. It even helps me understand myself better.

HGS: What stands out for you at HGS?

Audicia: While working at HGS, I have become more organised and more patient. Most importantly, I have learned how to best interact with others, which has helped me both professionally and personally.

HGS: How do you perceive the impact of your work?

Audicia: I interact daily with people who seek assistance in finding options to improve their health. I try to help these people as best I can, so they know they are not alone and somebody is always there to help them. It is very satisfying when the caller hangs up happy because they got the help they wanted.

At HGS, our people do the most critical work for the business delivering customer delight consistently. We believe our responsibility as an employer is to create a conducive work environment for our employees. Join us.