Stories @ HGS: Tashauna Williams

Stories @ HGS: Tashauna Williams

Tashauna Williams is one of our quality analysts in HGS-Jamaica. She has been with us for more than two years now. She shares her experience of working with us, here.

What inspires you at work every day?

That’s easy. Meeting my goals, and ensuring my team, my manager and my clients are satisfied. I would say doing good work creates the cycle for continued motivation.

What is something you like about working with HGS?

The people! Everyone is down-to-earth and helpful here. There is no strict chain of command, so that makes everyone approachable. Being part of such an open work environment is fantastic.

Would you like to share a message with future employees?

The management is truly humane. People here are very accommodating where personal issues or emergencies are concerned. So, we are like a big family here, and your life is considered as much a part of their own. It’s quite lovely because you are not alone in either joy or sorrow.