Stories @ HGS: Neeta Patel


Neeta Patel is one of the team leaders with HGS India. She has been with us for over three years now. She shares with us her experiences with HGS.

How has your journey with HGS been so far?

I have had many great takeaways with HGS. The people I work with are fantastic. In my time here, I feel I have improved in several respects. I was part of the AGRIMA course (a training course for women employees to build their leadership capabilities). After that, I applied for an internal job posting of a team leader position, and I got it. AGRIMA has taught me to handle myself with more confidence and to manage my time with better balance.

Tell us a little about your job.

A large part of my job involves people management, communication, understanding, and encouraging team bonding and collaboration. Since the team spends a considerable amount of time working together, we all have a great relationship with each other.

What motivates you at HGS?

There are many opportunities for self-learning here, thanks to the real-time challenges we face. Additionally, the work environment and my colleagues keep pushing me to do better.

What stands out for you at HGS?

HGS is a stable and grounding environment that encourages every employee to grow, without exception. For me, that growth opportunities and security are standard for all employees, is extraordinary.

At HGS, dynamism is inherent to our environment, and we make the best use of it. Come, grow in your career with us.