Stories @ HGS: Nattalie Jones

HGS: Nattalie Jones

Nattalie Jones is one of our team leaders in HGS Jamaica. She has been with us for over three years. She shares her experience with us.

What motivates you every day at work?

It is gratifying to be recognised by our clients for good work, so I’m motivated to improve my team’s performance continually.

What do you like the most about HGS?

The camaraderie among teams is impressive. There is always some surprise being planned, gifts for good performances and birthday celebrations. So, the work atmosphere is quite fun. There are also many opportunities to grow here. I had joined as a customer service representative, and now, I’m working as a team leader. It always feels good to be recognised for your efforts, and HGS never misses a chance to let us know that we are valued.

What would be your message for future employees?

You will make lifelong bonds with colleagues who will inevitably become friends. Because we all have such a good relationship, our work flows smoothly. Coming in every day is a joy.