Stories @ HGS: Mirna Moreno

HGS: Mirna Moreno

Mirna Moreno is a senior HR representative, based in the USA. She has been with HGS for over 15 years now.

Mirna started out in HGS as a Customer Service Representative, moved on to being a receptionist and eventually, joined the HR team as a coordinator. After eight years of handling recruiting, she is serving in her current role as Sr. Human Resources Representative-Business and Recruiting. Being in HR for most of her stint, she has been in the best position to see both the organization and its people evolve over the years. “I have thoroughly enjoyed all my roles in HR, recruiting and operations. That said, it has felt exceptional to have been involved in the promotions of over 70 people, in various roles from team leaders to directors”, says Mirna.

For Mirna, the most significant learning from HGS has been the opportunity provided to learn an operational program thoroughly. “To be privy to behind-the-scenes of a running program is inspirational, in many ways. The mammoth task becomes human, and one gets a sense that they too can ideate such an extensive activity”, she says. Mirna has also widely contributed to strengthening partnerships with local military organizations. HGS extensively helps these organizations conduct networking and hiring events, and workshops. These activities are aimed at veterans struggling with the transition to civilian duties, and military family members, who need the financial support. Working with military veterans is a large part of community engagement and corporate social responsibility in HGS USA.

Mirna says it has hardly been a conscious decision to stay with HGS for so long. “HGS is a great work environment—very ideal for hungry people who want to learn. The culture and my peers both make it easy; perhaps because my personal values align so perfectly with the core values here. One of the special things about HGS is the way colleagues pull you in and make you their own. We do not exaggerate when we say we are like family.” Mirna is known in the office as the go-to-person for getting things done. As a team player, she brings a lot of passion and enthusiasm to her work.

Consistency is key to everything we do at HGS, be it delivering results, learning, striking the perfect work-life balance, or giving back to the community.