Meet Recruiter: James Merrick

Meet Recruiter: James Merrick

In this series, our recruiters speak about all that it takes to be a part of Team HGS.

Tell us about your education and experience.

I completed one year of college with a focus in Computer Information Systems. I am continuing my education by taking online courses focusing on Human Resource management. I have experience with operations at HGS, from working with some of the accounts.

What are some must-have qualities you look for in candidates applying to HGS?

I look for a candidate who is engaging and who shows a genuine interest in being employed with HGS. I look for someone who loves to talk to people and enjoys the opportunity to solve a problem to make someone’s day better!

What is a question you never miss asking?

I never miss the chance to ask a candidate their first impression of what it was like to sit and observe the account they are applying for. It is one thing to say you want to work for HGS, and quite another when you walk out on the call floor and experience it firsthand. You should enjoy what you do as a profession, and I am happy that we have such a variety of accounts to make the best fit possible for recruits.

What is something about HGS that you mention to your candidates?

I always make sure to mention the fantastic possibilities for advancement here. HGS takes pride in rewarding those who take pride in their work.

What is your favorite interview tip?

Dress for the job that you see yourself doing after the one you are applying for. First impressions are everything!